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PromiseKit is a library that helps with asynchronous programming in swift and Objective-C. It is a wrapper around async task. Instead of using completion and error handler, a method can return a Promise. It is explained as “PromiseKit is a thoughtful and complete implementation of promises” in the official doc.

Advantages of using PromiseKit over traditional iOS async programming:


Common Syntax:

☐ then and done:

then and done are kinda…

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Pen Testing or Security Testing: Security testing is about finding security flaws in an app. In security testing, we try to hack the app and in some cases search in the source code(white box) to find any potential security flaw.

We try to find security flow in 7 different areas: 1. Basic Security Flaw: Look for very common security flaws like revealing some API key or some important data in source code. 2. Data Storage: Common data Storage vulnerabilities are like keeping important data unencrypted or leaking internal data in some way. 3. Authentication: Vulnearibilities like if it is possible…

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